Star date 05172012

After many years of being confined to a planet ruled by the dark side, I've finally been able to break free and find my freedom. It has taken me a few years to find a way to get into contact once again with the galaxy, but I have gained access once more. Now we must rise once again to help each other to be free. Since I last left a message, I have now started new training in the field of internal auditing. Now I am looking for work in the field... Also, lately my daughter Abby has been a blast. Yesterday, instead of her usual kiss good-bye, she actually said bye bye. She is growing up so fast.

Stardate 10172009

Well, good news fellow rebels! The meeting with the King and Queen of Gregoria went very well. The meeting also ended with some promising discussions and battle simulations against the Empire.
I found out that both my parents are sick and that Tim was supposed to call and discuss some possibilities of things to do while he is here in the Utah System. That is of course before he finishes enlisting in God's Army and goes to the 'MTC' and gets ready to meet strange and new people in a new galaxy far far away.
I am excited for him because of remembering what happened to me on my mission. I have to admit that though I am glad I stayed here in the states. Only thing we have to harass Tim about is that he is going to the wrong part of the Universe than he should. Oh well, you have to go where god sends you.
Anyways fellow Rebels, let's continue the fight against the Empire. May the force be with you

Stardate 10102009

Interesting news today fellow rebels! I have heard reports from rebel spies that the King and Queen of Gregoria from the twin planets Orem and Provo should be coming over to help discuss plans of fighting the empire. We should be doing some simulation battles to see what the outcome could be. Hopefully this will make our already existing alliance even stronger.
Other strange news from the spies is that some members of the DeGriselles clan have gone to the Michigan system to visit Danielle who is in training to become a healer and who is living with Grandma and Grandpa Huntsinger.
Of course these are unconfirmed reports as of yet. But we will let you know more when we know.
Continue against the Empire and may the force be with you!

Stardate 10092009.2

I have just gotten home from the labor camp known as the American Fork Wal-Mart. And after many hours of monotonous slaving away and being insulted by the mental incompetents that call themselves customers I had to pick up a couple items. What type of irony that this corporation has that it barely hands out any cash to those who labor hour after hour and then charge them outrageous prices to buy the necessities like food.
When I got home Brittany bragged to me that she is working four hours tomorrow and she will be making about 8 dollars less than I am for an 8 hour shift.
Oh well, the fight goes on against the evil Empire and it's evil corporation! May the Force be with you.

Stardate 10092009

After several months of recuperating after a run in with the evil Lord David of the empire I think I am ready to get back on track and escape the Evil Empire and their evil corporation known as Wal-Mart. They have unwittingly given me a great tool for this which is going back to school. Oh they will rue the day that they let me go back to school.

I have had a few set backs such as the truck breaking down and over heating and such crazy ideas of having to pay medical bills though I am suppose to have insurance which is suppose to cover it. With the help of my crazy sidekick Brittany, also known as 'Burt the Squirt', we've been doing different things to get ready for our fight against the Empire such as visiting the Woodbury Art Museum, buying a new way of transporting ourselves, and when we get a few moments of free time we either rock climb or attack invading hordes on the xbox together with wild abandonment. I think at this point we have Aaron interested in buying Gears of War 2 after his latest visit.

So to all other rebels out there let us continue the good fight against the Evil Empire and may the force be with you.